The Hunger Games: NHL Version



“The Hunger Games” movie, based on the book “The Hunger Games” where characters compete in something called “The Hunger Games,” cleaned up at the box office this past weekend. The recent success of the books and now the movie have lead many to wonder if the series will be the next Twilight phenomenon. Well, except for the fact that they’re based on decent books, have a solid cast, and are actually watchable.

The hype surrounding the books and movie has got me thinking of who I’d like to watch in an NHL version of The Hunger Games. There are many players in the league that seem built for a physical competition, while others are more likely to use their brains. And, let’s be honest, we all have those certain players that we would just love to root against.

After reading the books (don’t take away my man card, they’re actually good) I began to wonder what NHL players would make the best tributes, and what role they would play in the game. Here’s a few of what I think are obvious choices:


Sidney Crosby: Crosby’s is the NHL’s poster boy, its superstar, and media darling. Clearly Crosby would enter the arena as the fan favorite, as his superior skill, sense, and personality would make him the immediate front-runner.

Brad Marchand: A notorious pest on and off the ice, would likely be effective, but someone only those from his district would root for. Count me as one of the ones who would be happy with his “elimination.”

Patrick Kane: We’ve heard of Kane’s real-world physical capabilities, but you have to believe that his speed and skills would make him quite effective, although perhaps his arrogance would be his downfall.

Chris Pronger: Big bruising power, and zero finesse; that’s essentially what Pronger brings to the table. It would take some cunning and skills to bring this beast down.

Rick DiPietro: Someone who would certainly not last too long in the game, DiPietro would probably break his neck falling off of the platform, but not before the Capitol signed him to a 15-year Hunger Games contract.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin: It seems that people rarely think of the Sedins as individuals, but with how effective they work as a pair, who could blame them? You could expect the twins to work together, and be very effective, very late into the games.

Zdeno Chara: It would probably be better to think of Chara, not as a tribute, but as a “muttation,” the person/animal genetically engineered hybrid monster that is only focused on destruction. Seems like an accurate portrayal to me.


So who do you think would win these Hunger Games? Or who would you add? Leave a comment or tweet me @AdamLanger.


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