New Career Options for Scott Gomez


Poor Scott Gomez. Ok, maybe not  poor as he’ll still be getting paid his gargantuan salary without having to play hockey for it, but he must be feeling pretty bad after being told to stay home until he can be bought out this summer  by  Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin. Perhaps this can be viewed as a positive for Gomez; there’s always a chance another team will pick him up for a year after he is bought out, perhaps even longer (who knows, the Islanders still have a backup goalie as their GM, maybe he’ll offer another ridiculous contract) and a change of scenery might not be a bad idea for a player who was once quite productive.

Unfortunately, that will have to wait for Gomez. The Habs want to wait to buy him out until they can do so this summer so that his salary doesn’t count against the cap, so until then Gomez will have to relax and find another way to pass the time.


So what should Gomez do from now until then? Here are a few options that would be perfect for him.

Abstinence Advocate

Who better to teach kids that you don’t need to score to be rich and famous?

Consultant to The New York Islanders

Not that they have an opening, but someone needs to teach them what contracts to avoid, why not someone with one of the worst (er, best, depending on how you look at it) contracts in the league?


With all that money lying around, Gomez should consider investing in a few projects. You know, stocks, bonds, small businesses, maybe, I dunno, a hockey website that was called “pretty good” by my mom. Just think about it, Scott, I’ll be here.

Writer for Jay Leno

Gomez has been known to be pretty funny, and absolutely anything would improve that monologue. Jay Leno is to comedy what Scott Gomez is to hockey.

Curler… Curling Pro… Someone Who Does Curling? Someone Who Curls? What Randy Ferbey Does.

People are saying that the game has simply gotten too fast for Scott Gomez, so maybe he should try something a little slower. Ok, a lot slower. Don’t get me wrong, curling is a fine sport but it’s as if someone looked at bowling and said, “whoa there, speed demon! Let’s knock this down a notch!”

Hockey Commentator

Gomez would likely be pretty entertaining, certainly more entertaining to watch than some commentators, and besides, he knows hockey pretty well. He used to know how to play it.


What else could Gomez be doing while he collects about $3 million for doing nothing? Comment, Tweet, text, or just show up at my house and yell at me like my ex did that one time.


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