Jeremy Taggart of Our Lady Peace Talks Leafs, Relocation, and Sean Avery

Jeremy Taggart, drummer for legendary Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace, is also a mega sports fan, and recently has been featured on a number of sports talk shows. He’s also a genuinely great guy, and one of the most down to earth people I’ve worked with. I was lucky enough to have Jeremy answer a few questions on his thoughts the NHL today.

You’re a big Leafs fan, but also a huge baseball nut and former pitcher. What are you more excited about, the upcoming Blue Jays season or the fact that the Leafs have a fairly decent shot at making the playoffs for the first time since 2004?
I’ve never been more excited about a Baseball season ever! I love how the ownership is allowing for a real chance by spending the money, and allowing AA to do his job properly.
The Leafs? I’m kind of stunned with how well they’re playing against good teams. I’m impressed with Scrivens and the toughness of the team, but I’ll believe a playoff berth when I see it! It’s still the Toronto Maple Leafs.
What’s more likely: fans cheering Gary Bettman at a game, or Brad Marchand acting sportsmanlike?
Haha! I’m sure Bruins fans would disagree with you on Marchand, but he has been quite annoying for the Habs and Jets.
You’re pretty close with super pest Sean Avery. Is he really as bad as everyone thinks, or is he a bit misunderstood?
Not too many athletes are more misunderstood than Avery. He’s a great guy, and has a ton to offer in terms of good qualities. He does like to get under peoples skin, and people tend to not let what he said to bug players go out of their minds. Hopefully the good that he’s doing outside his hockey playing career will eventually overshadow the BS.
You’ve been appearing quite often in sports media recently, including appearances on the Jay and Dan Podcast. Can we expect to see more of you in sports broadcasting?
Yes! I love sports so much, and feel I have something to offer in terms of relaying information in an interesting and entertaining way, and definitely will be in that realm more in the future. Jay and Dan have been amazing toward me and I appreciate their friendship and amazing skill. It’s hard to do what they do, and I love how they do it.
Do you think we’ll ever see another NHL team in southern Ontario, or are hockey hotbeds like Phoenix and Sunrise, Florida too important to the league?
I’m sure we’ll see another team in Ontario and hopefully Quebec too. I wished they would collapse a couple hurting franchises as opposed to adding a couple though. It’s clearly a failure in those weak American cities.
Let’s pretend you’re the Commissioner of the NHL (which really isn’t a bad idea), what are three changes you would make immediately to improve the game. No, you can’t rig the Draft Lottery or reverse the Kessel trade.
Haha! I would move the stinker franchises from the south and southwest to Ontario, Quebec City, and Regina as well.
Pierre McGuire is weird. I know that’s not a question, I just felt like saying that.
Hahaha. No comment.
Be sure to watch for Jeremy on upcoming sports shows and podcasts, and follow him on Twitter. What do you think of Jeremy’s views on the NHL? Comment or Tweet me.

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