Headlines We Hope to See on Deadline Day

For the past number of years, Deadline Day has been a pretty major snooze, and 2013 doesn’t look any better. The salary cap has made it more difficult to pull off major trades, and greater league parity combined with a shorter season means there are fewer “sellers” this season. Keeping in mind that two of the biggest players (Iginla and Jagr) have already been dealt, the result is a trade deadline day that will be like watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sure, you’ll have it on in the background, and it might catch your interest every once in a while, but for the most part, it’s pointless and a lot of filler.

Still, there’s a chance that some excitement may take place. The New York Islanders have a strong history of making something ridiculous happen, and there are still a few big names left, so it’s possible that we may have some exciting or unexpected stories. In an ideal world, we’d have lots to keep us interested; here are a few headlines that most of us would like to see tomorrow.


Roberto Luongo Traded to… Someone

Or Cory Schneider. Or both. Anything to end this anti-climactic so-called “drama.” Mike Gillis says that he is in discussions with four teams about Luongo, which likely means the Leafs and three teams he’s making up to make it seem like he’s not desperate. Apparently there’s more interest and possibly more value in Schneider, which, if the Canucks are receptive to that idea, means that the probability of something happening is greatly increased. If either goalie is traded, two teams will certainly change dramatically. If not, we can look forward to more of the always mature and eloquent “number one and number two” bathroom humour jokes that apparently none of us are above.


Maple Leafs Pick Up Veteran Goalie

The playoffs are always more exciting with the Toronto Maple Leafs in them, and it seems that a veteran goaltender could shore up that possibility. The Leafs currently are in playoff position, but it would be great to watch them add something fairly significant that could help them stick around in the post-season. Sure, we’ll miss making jokes about the Leafs going golfing early, but it will be worth it to see Toronto stick around a little longer.


Jay Bouwmeester Gets a Haircut


Seriously, dude, you’re making over $6 million a year, there’s no need to use a community college student.

Gary Bettman Trades the Phoenix Coyotes…

…to someone who will finally move them to a market that matters and can be successful. Remember when a hockey-mad Canadian billionaire wanted to buy the team and move them to one of the most populated markets in Canada? I do.


What would you like to see happen tomorrow? Will Luongo go anywhere? Am I being too harsh on Bouwmeester’s hair? You don’t have to answer that third one, because no, I’m not. Comment or Tweet, as per usual.


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