I Am the Ultimate Jinx. Sorry, Leafs Fans.

I’ve been a die-hard Canucks fan for 19 years now, so I’m used to my fair share of disappointment. No matter how rosy the outcome looks, there’s a part of me that just knows that it won’t work out. This year is certainly no different; Vancouver apparently forgets how to score goals, blows leads, and utilized their powerplay as effectively as Nicolas Cage uses subtlety.

That’s ok, though, as this made it clear that they need a change. It’s a good thing that the Canucks have a General Manager that understands when it’s time to hit reset. Unfortunately, that GM is the guy who almost single handedly caused this need by following his motto, “make as many trades with Florida as possible, except when you have a franchise goaltender who can actually get you something back in return.”

So I turned my attention to another team I’m very fond of, Montreal. Bad choice. By the end of the series the Canadiens were beaten down worse than Chris Brown’s eHarmony matches. Fine, no big deal. I really like Ottawa, so I’m not disappointed to see them continue on.

Enter the Toronto Maple Leafs. Like many, I didn’t have a great deal of confidence in  the Leafs heading into their series with Boston, and after the first 4 games, I thought I was right, even if I really wanted to see Boston lose. Why did I want the Bruins to lose? Simple: because I’m a Canucks fan, and hating the Bruins is now an important part of my every day routine. Instead of coffee, I simply read stories about Brad Marchand, and the rage energizes me for the day. But down 3-1 in the series, my hope to see the Bruins fail seemed slimmer than ever.

Then something weird happened. The Leafs started playing a little better. Each morning I’d check SportsCentre, expecting to see them eliminated, and would be surprised that they stayed alive. So I started to pay attention.

Sorry, Leaf nation. My bad.

I finally decide to watch a Boston/Toronto game tonight, and really only start getting excited when they’re up 4-1 in the third. Could it be? Should I really risk having hope? I decided to go for it, and almost immediately, the tides changed.

I’m the ultimate jinx. If I started rooting for something like AIDS, we’d have a cure in a week. “I think Justin Bieber is talented and I hope he has a long career.” Boom, world peace in a month. I’m pretty sure that in a previous life I wrote an optimistic article about a behemoth vessel that would revolutionize global travel known as the Titanic.

I’m sorry, Leafs fans. This one’s on me.


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  1. Pyrollamas says:

    Do me a favor, become a Pats fan. God I hate the Pats

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