Surviving the Summer: Beating Boredom Until Training Camp Commences. Also, Alliteration.

Now that the draft has wrapped up and most free agents have been signed, there’s not much happening in the hockey world. While we may see a few more trades before the start of the season (Evander Kane anyone?) and there are still a few players looking to sign, teams pretty much have their rosters set, which means the next number of weeks are going to be very boring for hockey fans. Painfully boring.

Why did Claude Giroux have to hilariously get arrested only the day after free agency began? Why couldn’t he have waited until the boring days of August, like Patrick Kane? It’s unfortunate that the clear best story of the summer happened so early. Unless Ilya Bryzgalov starts a cult or Jeremy Roenick tweets something that actually makes sense, it’s kind of downhill from here.

It’s frustrating to check TSN or Sportsnet and see the same bad pun headlines as the day before, but there’s really nothing worth reporting. Except Tyler Seguin putting a golf tee on his groin. That’s important. Although there’s so little going on in the hockey world, here are a few things that can help you make it to training camp.

Get it? Because it sounds like Kool & The Gang. And he just signed with the team, which would be the "gang" in this case. And his name is Kulemin. Genius.

Get it? Because it sounds like Kool & The Gang. And he just signed with the team, which would be the “gang” in this case. And his name is Kulemin. Genius.

  • Head to r/hockey on reddit, where you’ll find some great posts that won’t make it to the mainstream media outlets. Either that or you’ll see something that will make it to the major sites in a few days. Seriously, TSN’s BarDown is essentially reddit 2.
  • Although it obviously has less content to write about in the summer, Puck Daddy is still pretty fantastic in the off season. Their Puck Headlines feature will do the digging for you and provide some very interesting reads.
  • Head over to Hockeybuzz and see how many grammatical errors eklund can make in a single post. It’s insane how he can actually have more spelling errors in an article than actual rumours. And the entire site can be replaced by a Twitter account.
  • Most teams have a few standout fan blogs, find one for yours. Here’s a list compiled by r/hockey that can help. Seriously, this is how great r/hockey is.
  • A bit late, but some teams recently held prospects camps which provided fans with a way to get to know prospects better. Here’s Canucks prospect Dane Fox with a bird. He doesn’t like birds. That’s the type of valuable information that could be important for your pool next year.

How do you beat the summer boredom? Go outside? Spend time with friends and family? Pursue other interests? That sounds lame, but leave your suggestions in the comments.


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